2.B2 - The Most Important Primary Account of the Battle of Medina

Sometime in the 1820's or 30's, a survivor of the Spanish Royalist occupation of San Antonio in 1813 wrote down his (or her?) memories of those tragic events. It is the only contemporary Spanish-language account of these events from the Republican perspective, and our friend Joe Arciniega joins us once again this episode to read it into the historical record.

2.09 - Artifacts at Last!

José Álvarez de Toledo deposes Bernardo Gutiérrez de Lara, sapping the morale of the Republican Army of the North just as Joaquín de Arredondo begins his march on San Antonio. At long last, we find what we believe to be munitions from the Battle of Medina!

2.06 - The Battle of Rosillo

The Republican Army of the North breaks the siege of Goliad and pursues the Royalists all the way to San Antonio. Stephen F. Austin’s maps give us the most concrete clues yet as to the location of the battlefield.